Sep 2019 Net Worth $235,067 (+$39,831)

Wow. What a month.

It has been an insanely good period for my side hustle. I’ve been focusing heavily on it every waking moment I get; on weekends, on weeknights, at work, on the train. Even this long weekend in Melbourne that just went past, I think I barely left the house! Luckily the missus is cool with it. She understands that this is an extremely opportune moment for me, and like the saying goes: “make hay while the sun shines”.

I wish I could share more details on it, however as it is a little niche, there is always a risk of identifying myself if I reveal too much. I will say it is something flexible where income correlates directly with how much effort you put in. You could do it for a few hours a month and make a grand. Or you could go all out 100% (like I have been lately) and make… a lot more.

It has been taxing though. I’ve definitely been getting less sleep than my usual 8 hours. And my gym visits have also been slacking – I think I’ve only been once or twice this whole month. Hopefully once this initial spike of workload dies down, it’ll be more manageable in the future so my sanity can remain intact. Still, when I look back at the past month and realise I made 3x more from this side hustle than my regular full time day job, it’s hard to complain 😉

At $235k, this is also my all time high in net worth. As you may know, back in January 2018 my net worth hit $200k very fleetingly before the crypto market came crashing down. So hitting this financial milestone again the “proper” way (through hard work, grit, and hustle) definitely feels good.

Now, on to the regular net worth charts!

Monthly graphs

Crypto portfolio has been absolutely smashed lately, but the losses are more than offset by the large cash boost.

Once again, no ETF or LIC purchases this month, so I’ll skip the Sharesight screenshot. The reason why I’m holding so much cash is:

  1. My side hustle requires a lot of cash liquidity as a buffer
  2. A first home purchase may be on the cards in the near future

Progress Trackers

Got a bit of catching up to do on my ETF/LIC portfolio to get back on track with my FIRE goals…
However, absolutely smashing the target NW goal!

Thanks all for stopping in. See you again next month, where hopefully I have some of my free time and sanity back.


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