Nov 2019 Net Worth $319,745 (+$40,704)

Another month, another update. Another day, another dollar.

The grind is getting real. The risk of burnout is also increasing every day now. However I keep tell myself that if I don’t take full advantage of the opportunity in front of me right now, I will regret it later. I just spent probably the 10th weekend in a row working all day on my side hustle. Probably 10 hours each day, leaving little room for relaxation and leisure. The money is absolutely insane though, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. I am however looking very forward to the upcoming Xmas break for some well deserved R&R. I might set myself a rule – no working at all for that full week over Xmas. Just spend time with family/friends, and really recharge the batteries so I can hit 2020 even harder!

I also thought I’d breakdown what components lead to this second month in a row of over $40k increase in net worth.

Income / Gains

  1. $33k: Net income from my side hustle.
  2. $10k: Salary (net) from my regular 9-5 day job.
  3. $4k: I had been tracking a $9k liability in my net worth balance sheet to account for the CGT I owed on my CFD trading profits from FY19. However after completing my tax return recently, I actually only owe ~$5k to the ATO.
  4. $2k: Share portfolio gains in Nov. Despite missing yet another regular ETF/LIC purchase this month, the portfolio grew in size by $2k. I’ve put in $40k since starting my portfolio in Jan 2019, and that has grown to over $47k now.

Expenses / losses

  1. -$4k: Monthly spending in November. A little higher than usual but there were many events and birthdays.
  2. -$2k: Business expenses (e.g. IT hardware) required for my side hustle.
  3. -$3k: Crypto portfolio took a hit this month. Don’t really care, haven’t even been any attention to crypto for a while now

Monthly graphs


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