Dec 2019 Net Worth $388,350 (+$68,605)

I wanted to write up a nice long update for Dec 2019 reflecting on the past year since beginning my journey toward FIRE in Dec 2018.

However I have been so busy with the side hustle lately (and the numbers definitely show it) that I just don’t have the free time unfortunately. However, 12 months ago when I started this blog I promised myself that I would post a monthly net worth update, no matter what, to keep myself disciplined and accountable on my journey. So although this is a very brief update, at least I’ve kept that small promise to myself.

Monthly graphs

Still holding mostly cash for two reasons.

  1. My side hustle requires a large cash buffer. It’s basically become a small business now, with all the associated overheads and expenses. I also have very little experience in running my own business, so the safety of holding cash for any urgent expenses is too good to give up and invest somewhere else. For now, cash is king.
  2. I do want to buy a property in the next few years. So like everyone says, if you need the cash in the short term, just leave it in a HISA.

Progress Trackers

I think it’s become quite clear that I need to re-baseline my financial goals. It’s obvious to me that I’m no longer going for the monthly $5k ETF/LIC purchases anymore, so there’s not much point in tracking against the (orange) progress tracker above. And my initial goal of hitting $1m net worth by age 35 will also need to be tweaked a bit. More coming soon when I have some free time.

Thanks again for tuning in!


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