Dec 2021 Net Worth $5,760,246 (+$219,418)

Crypto market not doing that great at the moment, but choppy sideways crab markets are fine for a DeFi farmer. We earn our yield in bull markets, we earn our yield in bear markets.

One area of crypto I want to explore more in 2022 is NFTs. Until now I’ve been 100% into just DeFi, which is what I’m most comfortable with. But I think a small exposure to NFTs in the crypto portfolio is warranted. Gaming/metaverse plays too possibly (but only a very small %). I still want to be 90% in DeFi plays and blue chips like ETH.

I honestly can’t believe the floor price of a Bored Ape is now 73.5 ETH.
A minimum of $280k USD ($390k AUD) for a monkey jpg. What world are we living in haha


4 thoughts on “Dec 2021 Net Worth $5,760,246 (+$219,418)

  1. BAYC and CryptoPunks are going crazy, during the last couple of weeks I have gone too deep in to the DeFi rabbit hole,
    It was amazing to see all the chains and being able to bridge between them when ever the incentives goes down, I have moved from BNB –> Matic –> AVAX/Fantom/Luna


  2. Hey mate,
    Really missed your updated since last December, any reason you have stopped posting regular updates on this site.


    1. Hey mate, ultimately it’s because I’ve reached my FIRE goal. I don’t really bother counting my exact net worth each month anymore, it’s all kind of on auto pilot. I probably should have written a conclusion/finale blog post, might get around to it one day. Just been busy travelling overseas and with life things (got engaged etc.)

      Hope you’ve been well.


      1. Congrats for the achievement, we will miss the Turbo updates from you, if you can write a final blog post around what are the future plans and how are you going to manage the asset allocation going forward.


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