Dec 2019 Net Worth $388,350 (+$68,605)

I wanted to write up a nice long update for Dec 2019 reflecting on the past year since beginning my journey toward FIRE in Dec 2018. However I have been so busy with the side hustle lately (and the numbers definitely show it) that I just don't have the free time unfortunately. However, 12 months … Continue reading Dec 2019 Net Worth $388,350 (+$68,605)

Nov 2019 Net Worth $319,745 (+$40,704)

Another month, another update. Another day, another dollar. The grind is getting real. The risk of burnout is also increasing every day now. However I keep tell myself that if I don't take full advantage of the opportunity in front of me right now, I will regret it later. I just spent probably the 10th … Continue reading Nov 2019 Net Worth $319,745 (+$40,704)

Oct 2019 Net Worth $279,041 (+$43,974)

October 2019 has been another insanely good month on my journey towards FIRE. This has been the single greatest monthly increase in NW to date. Side hustle The reason for this boost is 100% due to the side hustle, which has continued to show astounding results financially. It's quite clear now that it is generating … Continue reading Oct 2019 Net Worth $279,041 (+$43,974)

July 2019 Net Worth $184,932 (+$16,354)

It will be another very brief update month unfortunately. I've been super busy with work lately. It's crunch time on the project so I've been putting in some longer hours than usual. The workload on projects comes in peaks and troughs though, so hopefully in the near future I'll have more spare time and will … Continue reading July 2019 Net Worth $184,932 (+$16,354)