Aug 2019 Net Worth $195,236 (+$10,304)

Another super brief update this month. I've been very busy with work, and just life in general. But I at least want to get my monthly FIRE snapshot out. Really hope to have some more free time in the future so I can write some proper updates again! Monthly graphs No Sharesight screenshot this month … Continue reading Aug 2019 Net Worth $195,236 (+$10,304)

July 2019 Net Worth $184,932 (+$16,354)

It will be another very brief update month unfortunately. I've been super busy with work lately. It's crunch time on the project so I've been putting in some longer hours than usual. The workload on projects comes in peaks and troughs though, so hopefully in the near future I'll have more spare time and will … Continue reading July 2019 Net Worth $184,932 (+$16,354)