March 2019 Net Worth $88,598 (+$24)

There was a $24 increase in my Net Worth this month. $24.

Welp… at least the figure didn’t go down.

February was a bad month for my net worth mainly due to two large expenses:

  1. Flights and accommodation to Hawaii for two ($4.5k)
  2. Travel costs to attend an overseas funeral ($2k)

Hawaii holiday
Let’s start with the positive one. The missus and I decided to take advantage of the April public holidays aligning this year to plan an overseas trip. If you take 3 days of leave, you get a 10 day break. We’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, and it seemed like the perfect destination for this length of time.

Unfortunately as I’m a contractor on a busy project, I’m unable to take large chunks of leave at FIRE friendly off-peak times (when flights and accommodation would be cheaper). Another downside of contracting is that for every day I don’t work – I don’t get paid. Therefore giving up only 3 days of pay for a 10 day break was too good to resist.

3 days of leave for a 10 day break? I’ll take it
Honolulu, Hawaii

Overseas funeral
Now for the negative one. It’s always sad to receive news of a loved one passing away. It’s also not good for your wallet as you usually have to scramble for last minute flights and accommodation. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, I managed to snag some cheap flights and accommodation for $2k.

Share Portfolio

I received my first ever dividend!

Well, sort of.

It was the AFIC February bi-annual dividend payout. However as my investing strategy is to utilise the DSSP, I forgoed the dividend and franking credits in exchange for additional tax free shares.

In response to the changes to franking credit refunds proposed by the Labor government, AFIC decided to rush out a special additional dividend in February.  

Therefore there were two dividends, the regular $0.10 one, and the special $0.08 one.

So for my 1627 units of AFIC shares:
1627 units * $0.18 = $292.86 of dividends ($418.76 fully franked).
Or 49 more units of AFIC shares through the DSSP.

Thanks AFIC for the extra dividend!

Here are the usual numbers and pretty graphs.

Net Worth Tracker

Is it just me, or does it look like the line went down this month? Perhaps it’s just an optical illusion.
The cryptocurrency portfolio recovered about $4k from last month.
Because I’ve elected for the DSSP, the best way to track dividends in Sharesight is to actually reject the dividend, and manually enter in the bonus shares. More info here:

Thanks again for reading! See you next month.


3 thoughts on “March 2019 Net Worth $88,598 (+$24)

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss in the family. You know, I wouldn’t be going to Hawaii myself, just yet, because it’s way too expensive given our ambitious goals for FIRE. Perhaps in the future, we’ll see! I hope you really enjoy it though and don’t stress too much about cash while there like I would 😀 Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mateo for the kind words.

      We did Vietnam last year, which was much easier on the bank account. Hawaii during Easter was not cheap. Flights alone were $1.1k per person flying with Jetstar.

      But I’ll take your advice and try enjoy myself while I’m there and not stress about cash. But at the same time, we’re going to deliberately avoid any expensive tourist traps. Luckily the missus isn’t a fussy diner. Like me she prefers authentic tasty cheap eats over fancy restaurants with nice “ambience” 😉

      I’ll let you know how it goes. I hope you get a chance to go in the future too. I hear it’s a beautiful place.


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