July 2019 Net Worth $184,932 (+$16,354)

It will be another very brief update month unfortunately. I’ve been super busy with work lately. It’s crunch time on the project so I’ve been putting in some longer hours than usual. The workload on projects comes in peaks and troughs though, so hopefully in the near future I’ll have more spare time and will be able to post some more detailed monthly updates again.

The good:

  1. My second side hustle has really taken off. It’s the sole reason for the larger than usual increase in NW this month. It is eating up a lot of my free time though on weeknights and weekends. Once I have more free time I’ll post some details about it.

The bad:

  1. The value of my cryptocurrency portfolio has crashed pretty hard this month. June 2019 was a crazy good month for bitcoin – I think I saw it top out just below the $20k AUD mark. However the vast majority of my portfolio are in altcoins, which always plummet in value when BTC is on the rise. I did manage to cash out another $7.3k worth of crypto this month though.
  2. I missed my monthly $5k ETF purchase this month. This was due to requiring the cash for my new side hustle. Hopefully I can do a $10k purchase in the future to catch up.

Monthly graphs

Good to see the cryptocurrency portfolio slice getting smaller each month.
Decent rebound in both the domestic and internalisation sharemarkets lately. Also received the July quarterly dividend for VGS.

Progress Trackers

Falling a little behind on my ETF/LIC portfolio target…
… but crushing my target NW goal!

Hopefully I can keep up this momentum for a while longer before I get too burnt out juggling work and side hustle #1 and #2.

As always – thanks again for reading. See you next month!


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