March 2020 Net Worth $444,176 (-$356)

Damn, a negative month for the net worth. This is the second time it has happened since I started tracking my net worth each month on my FIRE journey. March was not a great month in general – even beyond just finances. I’ve been working from home for the past month now, and slowly getting a little stir crazy from being cooped up inside the house every day. However, I am definitely one of the lucky ones, being in a contractor role and still being able to keep my job and full time hours. Gotta be grateful for that in times like this.

The side hustle has also been hit pretty hard due to COVID-19. I worked quite hard on it during the past month, so it was disappointing to see it had actually lost me quite a bit of money, I’m estimating around ~$10k. I’m going to make some small tweaks, but overall keep pressing on and take this month as a bad blip of variance. There’s also a lot of pre-work I can do now, to enable success when business resumes to regular levels again (hopefully within the next 6 – 12 months, but who knows).

Anyway, on to the usual graphs.

Monthly Graphs

Tiny slice of the pie going back into crypto…

I’ve slowly started getting back into crypo – only ever so slightly though. Latest interest is DeFi – DEcentralised FInance and lending with stablecoins. Will hopefully post an update on this next month though…

Thanks for reading, and please stay safe out there.


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