July 2019 Net Worth $184,932 (+$16,354)


It will be another very brief update month unfortunately. I've been super busy with work lately. It's crunch time on the project so I've been putting in some longer hours than usual. The workload on projects comes in peaks and troughs though, so hopefully in the near future I'll have more spare time and will … Continue reading July 2019 Net Worth $184,932 (+$16,354)


June 2019 Net Worth $168,578 (+$43,785)

No, I didn't win the lotto last month. But what I did do is make a significant change in the way I calculate my net worth. Due to feedback from my readers and some good discussions on the r/fiaustralia subreddit, I've decided to: Remove my car ($35k) from my net worthAdd my super ($68k) to … Continue reading June 2019 Net Worth $168,578 (+$43,785)

March 2019 Net Worth $88,598 (+$24)

There was a $24 increase in my Net Worth this month. $24.Welp... at least the figure didn't go down.February was a bad month for my net worth mainly due to two large expenses: Flights and accommodation to Hawaii for two ($4.5k)Travel costs to attend an overseas funeral ($2k) Hawaii holidayLet's start with the positive one. … Continue reading March 2019 Net Worth $88,598 (+$24)

My painful investment journey before I discovered FIRE

As I began to write up my February 2019 Net Worth update, I thought to myself: "I'm really not telling the full story here". I realised was painting a false portrait where it looked like I was a diligent saver, carefully tracking my net worth for the first time, while gradually building up a responsible … Continue reading My painful investment journey before I discovered FIRE